Why I don't do Traditional Newborn Sessions... By Nat Marie Photography - Gilbert Newborn Photographer

When I first began Nat Marie Photography, I had these dreams of doing styled newborn photography, and I envisioned myself doing something completely outside of what would be called the "lifestyle newborn" category. 

I envisioned myself taking pictures of sleepy babies in a studio with props, baskets, lights, hats, boats on fake water, baby in flower petals, baby in clouds, baby on the moon... etc., etc. 

Now don't get me wrong, those kinds of photographers do some amazing work - but I very quickly realized that I dreaded doing those sessions. They just didn't feel right... they didn't feel natural. 

I mean, what feels natural about a sleeping baby in a boat floating in the water with a fishing pole protruding from it? Gorgeous art?! Yes. Authentic image that captures the newness and love in the family? Eh. 

See, I love taking photos of emotion. The emotion behind a mother's eyes as she holds her sweet, hours old baby up to her cheek and breathes in the newness of her child that was hours ago kicking her from within. The emotion behind the slight frantic diaper change of a new dad and mom hovering over the hospital bassinet as baby cries for the warmth of his mom. The emotion of a new father who stares at his wife as she has become something new: a mother. The emotion and joy of a sibling meeting the newest addition to her family. Those are things that move me as a photographer.

Once I started shooting the emotion, I put the props away and just started to let my camera tell the story.
— Natalie, Nat Marie Photography

Once I started shooting the emotion, I put the props away and just started to let my camera tell the story. You see, my photography is not about me. My photography is about you - your family - your love - YOUR story. The joy I get in being able to witness the joy that a new baby brings to a family is unreal. And your story is best told, in my opinion, through a lifestyle newborn session. 

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

I have two types of newborn sessions that I offer: Fresh 48s and in-home lifestyle newborn sessions. Both types of sessions focus on your family and the story that your love shares. They are both beautiful, but different. 

Fresh 48 Sessions

A Fresh 48 session focuses on the first moments together as a family. Baby is generally less than 48 hours old and the location of the shoot is at the location of birth. The hospital bassinet, the bracelets, the receiving blankets are the only "props" per se - but they're already a part of your family's story. These sessions are beautiful because more often than not, we catch that first sibling meeting on camera and are able to tell a little bit of your birth story.. with a little more sleep. These sessions are perfect for those who want to capture the first couple hours of baby's life without having the entire labor photographed. 

In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

My in-home lifestyle newborn sessions are held in your own home, within 2 weeks of bringing your sweet new addition home. They're perfect at capturing the story of your family, because they're held in the place you're spending the most time together. I love these sessions because people are often most relaxed at home. It is such an honor to be invited into the home of a newborn. Moms get some time to establish their feeding, and everyone gets some time to get adjusted to life with a new baby and a little more sleep. These sessions are all about the love that your new family has. In your own home, I'm able to bring out elements unique to your family and I get to capture those furry siblings meeting the newest addition to the family too ;) 

Choose the session best for your family

Whether you choose a Fresh 48 or an in-home lifestyle newborn session, or even both - choose the session that you'll be the most comfortable with. It's your family's story and your sweet child being welcomed - I just get to witness it through the lens of my camera and then deliver amazing photos for you to treasure for years and years to come. I love doing both of them and I love meeting my new clients!  If you're wanting to book one of these sessions, just contact me here.