Fresh 48: Baby Monica - Newborn Photographer

Fresh 48 | Tempe, AZ


This sweet family welcomed their fifth little girl on cinco de Mayo! Can we say cinco de mama?! Little Monica was less than 12 hours old at the time of these photos and she was as precious as can be. Her family was so in love, and her sisters's excitement was adorable!! I couldn't get over how gorgeous this family was, but most especially how gorgeous this momma was on the same day she gave birth #goals! But this session was just so sweet. I loved every single part of it, and we even caught a baby smile while we were there! Momma even said that baby Monica is sleeping 3 hour stretches! What a blessing!! 

I wanted to make sure to get photos of mom and dad with their new baby alone. There's nothing more precious than seeing a new mom and new dad admiring their new baby. I even say that about families that are welcoming their 2nd, 3rd, and 5th kids! Every new child changes your family just a little bit -- it's a new baby, new personality, new life! So although these parents are not so new to parenting, the newness in their baby draws out something they didn't know was there before. 

Their hospital room was packed with love -- and I mean that! There were 9 of us crammed into their little room at one point, and it was so cool to see the love, joy, and admiration overflow from each person in the room. From the littlest of siblings to their grandma, the love was overflowing. Not to mention, each of their little girls have these beautiful blue eyes, and I just remember walking in and seeing so many little blue eyes looking up at me, and I think my heart immediately melted! 

Oh sweet Monica was such an easy newborn during her shoot. I am pretty sure she was either sleeping or nursing the entire session -- which is pretty much what newborns do all the time ;). She was so easy and I was so glad to hear when her momma texted me that she's sleeping 3 hour stretches! Within a week of being home, their family had to upgrade to new car seats, and momma and baby went off without the other kiddos and her mom just beamed about how easy it was to take her with her. Ohh the joys of being soo little. 

Congratulations to this beautiful family of 7! I hope you love the photos as much as I loved taking them! <3<3