Moved to Tears - A Military Funeral

Arizona Photographer - Gilbert

As a photographer, I get the honor of taking photos of some of the most memorable, beautiful moments in a family. I say it's an honor simply because the photos are a glimpse into the love between family members -- a small glimpse into the heart of what makes them a family.

Yesterday I was able to photograph one of the most moving photos I have ever seen. In front of the camera was a woman kissing her husband of 63 years goodbye. Behind the camera, I was sobbing because of the beauty of what was happening in front of me. How does one say goodbye to their spouse? The beauty, strength, and intimacy in this photo is such a glimpse into the love that these two had.

What a gift to witness this yesterday, and what an honor to be able to photograph their last kiss. The gift of photographs is that they freeze pivotally important moments in time -- the raw moments that shape and change you. This photograph moves me to tears, but also moves me to love my spouse better because love never fails. And God never fails to remind me why I love photography. If anything, let this photo remind you to love your family and never take a single moment for granted.

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Natalie Tansill