Still Praying for Presley

This is not my normal post, by any means. But this is a post that my heart is moving me to write. 

A couple months ago, my husband's baby cousin was diagnosed with a horrible, horrible disease. At barely 6-months-old she was diagnosed with Stage IV brain cancer... and an extremely rare one at that called AT/RT. Now, at 9-months-old she has been through much more suffering than most people go through in a lifetime. She's undergone numerous brain surgeries, bone marrow harvests, countless shots, chemo... the list goes on. 

I do not want to write to boast of all the suffering that she has gone through though. I wanted to write about how moving it was to see her. 

Last night, I got to hold her for about 45 minutes and she just slept in my arms. Her little body is no bigger than my own healthy 9-month-old boy at home. Her little lips, her bald head, her sweet eyes carry a beauty with it that is inexplicable. She's lost most of her hair already, but she is still absolutely gorgeous. 

My husband and I led Daniel's aunt and sleeping Presley in prayer last night, and I have not felt the Holy Spirit so present like that in a long time. The only way I could describe it was that the air was thick with God's grace. Little Presley is bringing people back to Christ with her story. People that don't pray are praying for sweet little Presley - and it was an honor and joy to be able to do that in person. I was able to witness her Baptism last night as well, and I could almost cry from the joy of it all. 

That's right. In the midst of all her suffering we felt joy. Joy that she has been claimed for Christ. Joy that she is His. Joy that Christ is fighting this fight for her. 


*Last updated: May 25th, 2017 to add a link to the Prayers for Presley Facebook Page.