Camping Highlights

Camping For the First Time... ever

We went camping for the very first time as a family. Well, let me be honest, it was actually my first time going camping.... ever. Being originally from Florida, there aren't a lot of opportunities to camp in Florida. Or maybe, we just preferred the hotel, indoor plumbing, no mosquitos route. 
Either way, I LOVED camping with the family. We went with another family we're close to and Daniel's brother Johnny joined us. It was the perfect group to enjoy a close to perfect weekend. Our children were essentially the same exact age, so it made for easy entertainment for all the kiddos. The highlight of the trip, was definitely this hammock I bought for Daniel for Father's Day. But he didn't get much use of it... as it was filled with two two-year-olds chanting "high-er, high-er, high-er" over and over and over. I'll post the photos (from my phone) and go more in depth with our experience later this week. But here are some photos from the 10 minutes I brought out my camera. :) 

Natalie Tansill