True Beauty - Arizona Newborn Photographer - Gilbert, AZ

I remember the moment quite clearly. I walked into the hospital room of one of my favorite clients for their family’s Fresh 48 session. Baby was less than 24 hours old, and I was there to capture the newness and the beauty of their new family with such a little one. The hospital bassinet, the hospital bracelet, bouquets of flowers, and balloons were adorning the walls of the room; and yet the most beautiful thing I saw in that sterile room was in the bed: a new mom holding her brand new babe. Dad was admiring the two of them as the new mom fumbled to try to breastfeed before the session started.

The love was palpable. The beauty was evident - I was walking into a sacred space.

And then I heard the words that made me pause: “I don’t want to be in the photos, I look absolutely horrible - can you please just take photos of the baby?”

Oh gosh! This was not what I was expecting to hear - "doesn’t she see how beautiful she looks?” I thought to myself. Doesn’t she realize that she can never come back here to this moment to recreate what I see in front me???!

In the most empathetic way possible, I convinced the momma to be in the photos - because the reality of these moments is that we can’t ever come back here. In the end she agreed, and later told me how grateful she was that I didn’t let her back down. To this day she still cherishes the photos of her and her little one so fresh and so new.

If I could tell women one thing about newborn photos is that it is so so important to be in them too. It is important to embrace new motherhood for the beauty that it is. Birthing a child is an accomplishment and there is nothing more gorgeous than a new mother gazing at the baby that was once within her. Those are the moments that I’m privileged and honor to capture - because the beauty is authentic. It’s not a beauty created by hairdressers and makeup artists; it’s not a beauty designed by ab workouts and pilates. It’s a beauty that is etched by love; birthed by love; created by love. And that beauty is an honor to capture as a newborn and family photographer.

So with that mommas - if you find yourself doubting that you want to be in photos with your little ones, please don’t. Do us all the favor and show us what true beauty looks like: because I know it to be love.

Natalie Tansill