A Taste of Mini Fresh - Scottsdale Family Photographer

There is nothing else that I love more than other mom's that start awesome businesses in the valley. It's so fun to be able to help support each other and encourage each other in our different avenues of passion.

I got to meet Majo last week, the owner of Mini Fresh, when she dropped off some awesome products for us. She's a mama to a little boy and she is just so passionate about providing healthy, organic food to little ones. She hand delivered some yummy treats for us all! 

The kids quite literally couldn't keep their hands off of them! 

I personally LOVED the coconut power bites that were for me and Ezekiel was obsessed with the fruits and oats baby food. He kept doing the sign for "more" over and over. I wish I would've had my camera handy while he was eating - but if I reached to grab my fancy camera, he'd start throwing a fit and aggressively signing "more." I did get some with my iPhone that show the extent of his love for it though lol. He would not take his eyes off of it and would literally pull himself forward to get the food in his mouth quicker lol. I can say with confidence he loved it. 

There were a couple items that she had me try that were supposed to help with my milk supply that I really enjoyed. I don't usually pump so I have no idea how much more milk I was able to produce - but I'll tell ya, Ezekiel seemed to nurse for longer times and I seemed more full after after trying them. 

So overall, I'd highly recommend you try out Mini Fresh. It's perfect for the nutrition conscience mama who is looking for another way to help life be a little easier :) 

Natalie Tansill