Milestone - Ezekiel is Six Months

My little boy is six months old. Holy moly it has completely flown by. It's crazy because I'm pretty sure I think he's still a newborn, but then when I show up at a hospital room to photograph a REAL newborn, I very quickly realize my 21 pound little man is definitely no longer that small. Not to mention, when I put him on the floor now he'll end up underneath a chair, in the middle of the kitchen, or in the other room. This guy is freaking mobile and it's freaking me out! lol. 

But seriously, he got big quick. A little too quick. 

It honestly amazes me how quickly babies grow, and to think most of his growth has come from me and nursing. That literally amazes me that my body can not only grow a life but then sustain that same life. A woman's body is amazing. 

Six months ago I was still in the hospital, holding him for the very first time in my arms. I remember looking at him and being scared out of my mind. How the heck was I going to be the mother to a little BOY??! I've only ever had a sister. I've only ever had a daughter. I had no idea what I was doing -- but boy, oh boy, did loving my boy come easily. Ezekiel has stolen my heart in a way that Felicity could never. It's not that I love her more or him more, but I do love them differently. My love for both of them is fierce, but I can see the way that he draws something out of me that only a little boy can. He is so much more active at this age than Felicity was. Don't get me wrong, Felicity was always active as a little baby... but a lot more... how do I say this?... classily?! There is so much more drool with a little boy. So much more physical strength. So much more masculinity -- even as young as he is, he is my little man. 

When Ezekiel was just learning how to army crawl, the majority of his movement came from his legs. When he really wanted to get something, he didn't care if his arms couldn't cooperate or if he was dragging his head behind him... he literally just pushed and pushed his little legs until he got what he wanted... to the point that he literally did a front roll once. He is so much more intense and determined to get things. 

Gahhhh I just love him so much. Six months old and I can't imagine what life was like before him. I worried that Felicity wouldn't like having to share the attention, but I can honestly say our life seems so much more full with both Ezekiel and Felicity in our lives. 

My momma's heart couldn't be any more proud than when the two of them are playing with one another... even when it doesn't go that well. :)