An Update & Announcement <3

No, I'm not pregnant ;) lol.

So, I used to have a mom blog. You know, one of those blogs that went through all the ups and downs of motherhood, and here's the thing: I LOVED it. I loved writing out all my experiences about being a new mom and capturing our memories via writing.

I really did love blogging, and then I realized that I loved photography and all my efforts went to that instead. But here's the thing, my two loves -- writing and photography -- don't have to exist separately. I was praying through this desire on how to bring the two of these passions together and then I realized, I can do it through Nat Marie. 

I'll have "Nat Marie Creative" or "Nat Marie Inc" or something cool like that, and then Nat Marie Photography and my blog will fall under that umbrella. In my blog I can showcase the love between my photography clients, talk about everyday motherhood, give tips on photography, and can share my life in a real way with you. Because that's what I want my business to be about: capturing the authentic love and sharing it. 

This idea has my heart beating a little harder. It has me dreaming of the future. It has me inspired to do bigger and better things with my passions and talents. And I'm doing it all for the glory of God. Taking photos, writing out the love, and sharing the love. 

So for now, I'll be moving over some of my favorite "A Mommy Memoir" blogs over here and you can just sit back and enjoy the move. 

Here's to starting new things and continuing on the old. ;) 

All the love, 

Nat Marie

Natalie Tansill