Fresh 48: Baby Anthony - Mesa, AZ Newborn Photographer

Fresh 48 | Mesa, AZ

When I walked into their hospital room, it was dark and quiet. Sweet Anthony was sleeping in his momma's arms and she was up and walking around with him. The hospital room was littered with beautiful floral arrangements and their breakfast had just been finished. There was even a little teddy bear made out of flowers! The new parents were obviously tired, but awakened with joy from the new life they were holding. From hand lettered name cards, a beautiful nursing gown, and an iced toffee nut latte, this momma thought it all through. <3

Oh my goodness, this family was just as precious as can be. It's crazy because Paige and I were roommates a couple years ago, right before Daniel and I got married. Her (now) husband David was still living in Tucson and Paige was living with me -- and it was obvious the two of them were meant to be. Paige and David just complement each other so perfectly. It was so cool witnessing their love from the beginning and being able to see their relationship progress as time has passed on. 

I have to admit - Paige and I have pretty similar tastes in things. We LOVED decorating our apartment together (especially during Christmas!), we LOVED sharing coffee together and chatting about our blogs. We even have the same photography tastes - I mean, we both used Jenn Wagner Studios as our wedding photographer :). So when Paige reached out to me a couple of weeks after she found out she was pregnant about doing a Fresh 48, I was through the moon excited that she wanted me to capture these intimate moments in their family. Sweet baby Anthony was less than 2 days old at the time of these photos. 

Hearing David talk about his experience was really moving, as he's not a man of many words. He talked about how scared he was, how excited he was, how he was learning how to swaddle, how he changed a ton of diapers already... it was awesome!! It was so cool to see him embrace his new role as a father. But most especially, he beamed with joy when talking about his beautiful wife and how brave she was during Anthony's birth. 

Paige and I had exchanged texts and messages about what she was hoping for in their session - and I'm happy that we were able to get the shots she was wanting. I love hearing about what my clients have in mind because it helps me tailor their shoot to their needs. It stretches me and humbles me to see how much my clients love my work, and I love to try to capture what they were envisioning. Paige was really wanting a photo of Anthony's feet with their wedding rings on it - and although his little toes could barely hold the weight of their rings (can we just say her diamond is GORGEOUS!) - we made it work!! It's just gorgeous to see the literal fruit of their married love. 

And my goodness! I could just tell that Anthony is going to be one strong little man. His dad swaddled him at least 4 different times and each time, he'd push his little arms up and get his little hands up to his mouth.

I have to say, Paige may be one of the most beautiful new mothers I've seen. Right up there with Princess Kate. I mean, to look that beautiful right after giving birth is amazing. Her beauty is natural and seeing her as a mother is moving. She is made to be a mom; it's clear that it fits her perfectly. The love she has for her little boy is incredibly evident, and sweet baby Anthony is blessed to have such a wonderful mom.

While I was there, sweet Anthony was so alert!! Usually little ones that are so new are still incredibly sleepy, and his gaze was just precious. I was so excited to capture photos of him looking at his momma, at his daddy, and even at my camera! Oh goodness - he is one handsome little boy already. 

To see his new parents fussing over him is such an honor. The joy this family had that morning was overwhelmingly beautiful. They made sure he wasn't cold, that he was fed, burped, clean, swaddled, and happy -- just like any loving, new parents do. Ahh the joy and honor of seeing a new mom and dad emerge. I am sure Anthony will never doubt it -- but I pray that he never questions their love for him. Because as their photographer, I could see it at every minute when I was in that hospital room. Congratulations sweet family - I hope you love your photos as much as I loved taking them <3