Father's Day Tribute - A Day Late

Father's Day | Gilbert, AZ

I'm a day late with this blog post, but it's something that has been on my heart for a bit. We just finished celebrating Father's Day yesterday and I cannot express how much I loved taking the day to celebrate my husband. I mean, fathers are often the unsung heroes in the parenthood journey. I mean, my entire business revolves around the momma; from bump to baby is pretty specific. Whose bump do you think I'm referring to?? Lol. But I know personally that fathers are really such an important role in the family. Their role is invaluable. They may not get to feel the kicks and rolls before baby is born, but they definitely feel the kicks and rolls that come with parenthood. 

We live in a society that all too often says that fathers really aren't needed. We live in an age where the roles that a mother and a father have in a family are being questioned. Thats not cool. 

  • Fathers who get on the floor and play with their children: you teach your children joy. 
  • Fathers who affirm their daughter's beauty by painting their daughter's nails and reading princess books all. day. long: you teach your daughters to expect to be honored and respected by men.
  • Fathers who aren't afraid to throw ball with their boys, even when they aren't good at catching it yet: you teach your sons the value in practicing their skill. 
  • Fathers who pray with your family: you teach your children that there is a Father who loves them even more than you can.
  • Fathers who make their wives feel honored, beautiful, and cherished: well, you men really are the best. You're teaching your children what it means to love. 

You are more than daddy diapers, milk runs, and bread winners. You are dad. 

A father's role in a home is irreplaceable. Every child benefits from the love the receive from their fathers, and I've had the privilege of meeting some awesome ones when photographing families. From new fathers, unsure of how to swaddle, to experienced fathers of five who have. it. down. 
This tribute is to all the fathers I've gotten to meet, and all the new ones that I'll be meeting soon. I appreciate you. 

But really, this tribute is for my own father and my husband - both men have loved me, guided me, supported me, and grown with me. From my first man I loved (daddy) to the man I love to love, this one is for you.

So, thank you. Thank you for supporting, encouraging, protecting, providing, loving, and caring. Your family is forever changed for the better because of the love you show your wife and your children. 

Happy Father's Day guys! I hope you enjoyed some good meat. Enjoyed the heat. Enjoyed your kids. Enjoyed your family. And heck, in my book - take this week and really dive in to celebrating your fatherhood. Have a beer. You deserve it!