Potty Training - Gilbert Family Photographer

We started potty training this past Saturday, and to say that it's intense would probably be an understatement. Teaching a two-year-old how to use the potty and staying positive amidst the seemingly never ending accidents is hard work. Goodness. 

We are on day 3. Day 3 of a three day method and I haven't quite decided if it was successful or not. I guess tomorrow will really determine whether it was.

We essentially cleared out our entire schedules for three days. No phone calls, no visitors, no trips out, no TV -- just 100% focus on Felicity and the potty. Ohh my goodness was that hard. The goal of carving out time to focus on her was so that we could catch an accident while it was happening and scoop her up, run her to the potty, and then praise her if there was any in the potty... even a drop. 


We planned for some fun activities, bought a bunch of treats, and even set up our tent in the playroom to keep things exciting and new for Felicity during the three days. The tent was pretty clutch because of the novelty of a huge tent inside and the built in factor that there's a tarp on the carpet. Win-win. 

I am pretty sure I very *cheerfully* reminded Felicity to "tell mommy when you have to go potty, okay?!" or "remember, keep your panties dry!" 300 times in the matter of the three days. To which she'd respond either with "okay" or silence. Toddlers learn even when they don't acknowledge they are learning, right? Right. 

I'm pretty sure our family members thought we were crazy because we literally stuck to the whole do not answer the phone rule... except for once. I answered the phone to talk to my sister because I needed to talk to another adult about something other than bodily functions... only to drop the phone mid sentence while my daughter peed on our carpet, hallway, and bathroom floor. 

This method, you plan for the accidents. There really is no way around them.

We are at the end of day 3. Day 1 Felicity had 10+ accidents; Day 2 was the same until bed time. Right before bed, something clicked. She got it. She asked to go potty, got out of her bed, and then went. Then she slept the entire night and woke up dry. I was amazed. 

Today she only had one accident - and that was early in the morning. However now instead of cleaning up accidents, she just will hold it for insane amounts of times. So we shall see how tonight and tomorrow go. Here's to hoping it worked because this momma is tired! <3

Natalie Tansill