Milestone - Felicity is two!

Birthday | Gilbert, AZ


Felicity turned two this past weekend and we had so much fun at her garden themed birthday. Her favorite part of the party was blowing out the candles, and my favorite part was the cake <3

I'm not going to lie: every single birthday that Felicity has had to date (all two of them haha) I cry like a baby at the end of the day. I've never felt this feeling before becoming a mom... being so excited for the next milestones but mourning the things she'll no longer do anymore. Like with her being two years old now, she is starting to annunciate her words better -- and I'm so excited!! But I'm also so sad! Because I LOVE when she holds her hands up to me and says "mommy hold you" instead of "mommy hold me." 

Felicity's personality is really starting to come out now that she's a full on toddler. She's slow to warm up to strangers -- but once she does, she will make you feel like the most important person in the world. She's incredibly strong-willed, which will come in handy when she's older. She's hilarious and smart. Gosh, I just love this sweet girl so much. 

Setting up for her birthday was a little stressful, if I'm completely honest. I'm such a perfectionist and so when my mom who was in town visiting had to be rushed to the hospital because she cut her foot -- I about had an anxiety attack with the long list of things to get down before guests arrived. I was still in PJS 10 minutes before our first friend arrived!! But my husband is so good to me. He loves to remind me that the details really don't matter and it's just the experience our friends have when they're at our home that matters. But those are the details!! lolol. JK But seriously.

It was so fun having all her little friends there to celebrate. Our home was overtaken by toddlers. I am pretty sure I found cake in our couch cushions -- but I loveeeeee it. Well worth it.