Purpose Pops - Scottsdale Family Photographer

I'm not sure if you have heard about Purpose Pops before, but it's a pretty cool company based out of Phoenix. It's a company that allows you to get a box of all-natural smoothie popsicles with no added sugar shipped to your door, and you determine the frequency! I thought to myself that we should give it a try... especially because Felicity LOVES ice cream. She quite literally screams for ice cream whenever it crosses her mind. So after looking at the nutritional facts and realizing that there were less grams of sugar than apple sauce, we were committed. 

Andy, the owner, dropped off a box for us to try. Felicity was quick to ask "what's that?" and once she took her first bite, I don't think she stopped until it was gone. 

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Every time I asked her if she liked it, she'd turn her head away from me and continue eating with the most serious face she could muster. I think she realized that if she admitted that it was good that I would prob sneak a bite or two. She was right. She's much smarter than I give her credit for lol.

I did manage to get a little emotion out of her when she asked for more and I said only one. Hence, the expression below. 

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We even shared our box with my local mom's group and so many moms were super happy to have a cold treat to give the kids that wouldn't send their kiddos into spiraling sugar tantrums. So glad we got to try them out for our review, and SO glad we avoided a sugar crash that day. Vanilla popsicle that is healthy and tastes good? We'll take it!